why I love Sociology

When people ask me what is it I study and I answer Sociology, people go “oh” and leave it,  go “ah, like Psychology?” or even “Lol, Sociology”. I do not mind those who do not know what it is all about and then they talk with me about it. What I do mind, though, is when they dismiss it. They dismiss it as an unnecessary branch of knowledge, unlike medicine, accounting, law, or education. It makes me cringe. Although Sociology as a subject has not been very popular, but as a social science, it is a very important course. Since the 18th century, it has helped people to understand society. Even before the 18th century. Sociology takes into account of the macro i.e. the government, a whole state, a whole society; and of the micro i.e. the ethnic minority, the disabled, the individual. It is important because it is part of being human. To acknowledge, to empathize, and to do something out of morality. The beauty of understanding is seen through Sociology. It is not like psychology. Sociology seeks to understand the human behaviour. Not to psycho-analyse it. To understand to ask why. And then we build social policies to work with the understanding. Sociology does not judge.


I may have strayed a bit here. But I can honestly tell you that I am really passionate about what I am doing. I have first studied it in sixth form, then in my undergraduate degree, and now for my MA. This love for Sociology can pretty much be visualized in a video I came across today from youtube. It’s a long one but definitely worth it imo.