working alone vs working in a team

I like working alone sometimes because then I’d be the only one I could be disappointed in if I screwed something up. I also like working in a team because it’s double the feeling of accomplishment when it’s a team effort. It’s also a double blow if we fail because that way, everyone, hopefully, will taste the humility pill. I realize that sometimes the things that I’ve just mentioned don’t happen…or they happen quite the opposite.

It’s like being in university all over again. I’ve always heard my friends, complaining about how their project-mates weren’t cooperating or were slacking, and they’d be the ones who have to bring the team up, etc. I was lucky that my almost all teammates back in uni were equally contributing, and if any of us sucked in our individual presentation, that was our own fault because we did our own speeches without consulting each other. So, imagine my major disappointment that some people at work are worse than university students in shared responsibilities/credit/failures.

I like the alone-time. The silence. Especially when I’m doing something that requires my full attention, or else, I’d beat myself up for having missed that eureka moment due to colleagues chattering loudly about the food they’ve been having to break fast. I like the active discussion. The enthusiasm. Especially when we’re doing something that requires each and everyone’s unique touch, or else, it’d just be a…flop.

So I don’t know which way I go. I think I’m more to the solo worker. But I crave interaction. It’s more fun and beneficial to have two or more working minds going at each other. Or maybe I just prefer the one-on-one because it’s “more” that way, no?

For instance, right now, I’m just finishing up work and I think I’m the only one left here in this building. I’ve got my playlist on, and I’m letting my thoughts run wild onto this screen. I find my mind works better. But, I find that I’m sighing because no one is here to share my sentiments with. Someone alike, but not so, to make the combo ever alive and active.

This is me, trying to figure out what I want to do as a career. How’d I do?



Sociology of Work

I wish I went deeper to understand this topic when I was in university. It is so useful to understand society and groups and behavior at work, especially if you work a lot with people! If you’re a Sociology student, do read more about the topic and you will understand it more when you’re actually working! You could also use all those research and put them to the test. The benefit to you is that you understand people’s behavior better and that knowledge is just so powerful!

A lot of people asked me what I did in uni and what I’m doing now for a career, and they get confused, “Sociology? What are you doing here?” Here being in an oil and gas or a construction industry. And I always have no proper (or witty!) answer to give them. What they don’t know is that I’ve learnt to understand people’s behavior, effectively, where I could anticipate their reactions towards a situation. It could just be my awesome upbringing by my parents, but I also believe that all those books I’ve read, all those essays I’ve written, have also contributed. I empathize with people I work with more. In that way, we could compromise and work things out together that could benefit both sides whenever there’s a conflict of some sort!

In my final year of my first degree, I wrote an essay on work transforming us into particular embodied beings. This was one of the essays that I enjoyed writing in my final year. Hochschild (1983) said that as the world’s work sectors are becoming more service-based and they place more emphasis on that, there is a requirement for individuals to become an “emotion worker”. What this means is that we are acting to perform a job properly. We hear this a lot that we have to be professional. From Hochschild’s understanding, this would mean acting because we are behaving in a certain way in order to perform our jobs according to what is expected of us.

Isn’t that so interesting? Haha. Being an emotion worker has two ways of doing it, and what I understand from those ways is that we are fighting against what we are expected to do and what our own self is trying to achieve. The individual versus the company we work for/with. I was just watching a TED podcast last night on individual association and group association…or solidarity. God, I wish I was still in university! Things make so much more sense now that I’m working and have aged a bit. Haha

Anyway, my point of posting this evening was to share about my current work experience. But I digressed, and I think I enjoyed writing this way. Hmm.

What I’ve learned about this life so far is that we could only trust ourselves and God. It’s become so confusing and frustrating to balance between trusting yourself and others that, in the end, people are just looking out for themselves because you’re the only person you could hurt when you’ve lied to yourself. And there’d be less guilt in that. And perhaps you’d forgive yourself easier.

How this post took different turns, I don’t know :P may you always be chasing your dreams, my lovelies.


Ideas: Waiter’s Pad

I read an article that said if you wanna be an idea machine, write 10 ideas per day. The ideas could be about anything; good or bad. It’s a pretty good article – enjoyed reading it. You could check it out by googling James A (don’t remember his last name), and linkedin.

So I decided to try this out today, and, like the article said, I was struggling through to the middle of the list. The “good” ones have already been listed earlier on, so I had to pause longer and think about what other good ideas I might have. What I found most interesting about that article is that it says in times of pressure, good ideas come to us. It’s that survival mode triggered by our most critical moment in our lives. It’s like we didn’t think we could run that fast in normal situations, but when the situation calls for us to really, really run, we run. Run as fast as we could.

And that made me think. I want to be able to make sound decisions in quick-time. I want to have good ideas and/or make my mind run in good oil so when the time comes, I’m ready. So I’m gonna try this 10 ideas per day thing. The article says that if we’re struggling to create 10 ideas, create 20. Struggle at 20, create 30, and so forth. Bad or good. 1 out of 10 will be a good one.

The ideas that we write down should also include a first step for execution. No point in having an idea and not doing anything about it. The first step should be simple and doable. Then it will lead us to the next one. Such an interesting concept. Planning, but not really planning.

Oh, I should also mention that these ideas would be written down in a “waiter’s pad”, as the writer mentioned it. It’s small and easy to carry around. When small, we’d have to write in short, hence, simple. The writer listed other reasons for this, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Really enjoyed reading his article and other works by him.

So I hope that this keeps on! Get the idea juices flowing. Brain always working. Gets me by at work, too.

I also am trying to practice a more positive outlook at work. Life is more than just your office desk, or the people you work with. It is also about how you are contributing into your life. Your work, friends, family do contribute to your life, but what have you done for yourself?

Ha, sounds silly.



ignorance is bliss

it’s amazing how one can feel a lot better after choosing to ignore things which trouble his/her heart and mind. it can also be a sad thing whereby realizing the world is indeed a cruel place. that it is not an ideal world at all. also concluding that life goes on…that there are pluses and minuses. that people will indeed come and go.

I should also mention that I am now working. So many things I’d like to thank God for. The world still surprises me with its interesting characters to play with. I just hope I’ll continue to do good and be better!

Hopefully, within the next couple of months, I’ll be more diligent in writing in, more about my life in relation to Sociology ’cause, truthfully, there are a lot of Sociological insights to be recorded and analysed at the moment. But, I’m recovering from my eye infection in one of my eyes due to overused lens. Haha. So I’m gonna go back to fully recovering myself.

Kamsahamida! Yes, I’m learning Korean…and Mandarin, too. Tui!



so, what’s up?

My first time wearing the coveralls! Had to wear them for a task…which was fun.


Yes, I know it has been awhile. It’s already the 16th of January; almost a month since I last blogged. Sometimes I wish I could combine all my weekly tweets into a blog entry. Hmm, there’s a thought…but that’s just being lazy…

So, yes. The job fair at Bridex was, indeed, very fruitful. When I say very, I don’t mean I had a lot of offers. The event itself was amazing. I have to praise the relevant authorities and the O&G companies that participated on their effort. But, anyway. I actually got called by ONE (out of maybe 10-12 companies) within 3 days of handing in my CV, which is now where I work. That’s right. I’m working! It is very surreal. My first real job.

Everyday is a new day at work; no day is the same. I have my daily tasks to do, but the things that happen throughout the days are never really the same. It’s great. I love that my heart would leap a beat because I get so worried/scared over something I need to do or face (even though there’s really nothing to be worried/scared about after I get them done).

I wouldn’t go as far as loving my job, but I’m enjoying the experience. The atmosphere is not that different to when I was in Uni, except that my work would really affect someone else, for example, the whole company. In Uni, my work affects me, and only me, most of the time, anyway. This is the real world, now. And I kid you not when I say I am a bit petrified.

But the people I work with get me by. Their attitude and perception enlighten me. And I enjoy their company. Yeah…work is good :)

At the same time, I can’t help but miss being in Uni. I loved being a student. Oh well.

Take care, my lovelies.

Chase your dreams!


p/s: Happy new year :P