Winter socks (results!)

Yes, I’m really gonna review my socks. They’re an important accessory to your winter outfit, honestly.

The Universal Traveller socks were indeed woolly and you would think that they’d keep you warm on their own. Alas, no. They didn’t feel warm and weren’t thick enough to fill my high ankle hiking boots. And they felt sweaty. Eugh. So I ended up wearing them once throughout the trip.

The Wigwam was a winner! It filled up the spaces in my boots so they were warm and thick enough for me. I wore these the most throughout my trip and they were indeed sweat-free i.e. odour-free! Loved them.

The wool tech socks from the Chinese online shop was thick and warm, but they didn’t feel as comfortable as the wigwam. I alternated using these and the wigwam (but I wore the latter more, obviously).

I wore the Uniqlo socks together with my tights during my London stops as I wanted something with style and a bit of warmth. London was definitely warmer than Iceland!

Some people overlook the importance of socks when going for a trip in cold places. If you’re not comfortable walking in your socks, you won’t feel comfortable walking in the shoes they’re in. And that will distract you from immersing yourself into your trip. Your feet might sweat, your shoes may not be the right fit because of the constant walking, etc, etc.

FYI, the high ankle hiking boots, Hot Potato, (China-made!) I got from GL extra (same as the Wigwam’s!) were great. They were bigger than my normal shoe size, but with the right socks, they fit just right. I was so scared, walking on slippery ice, but I really had to have faith on the soles because they did their job right. I actually brought another pair of shoes, which looked more appropriate for going out, but I ended up wearing the hot taters throughout the trip. They didn’t look too rugged, I don’t think…plus, I didn’t exactly go for any fancy outings whilst on my trip!

Don’t worry, I won’t write about my coat. Nor about my hat. Or about my lovely knitted headband.


Winter socks

 So I just realised that I bought FOUR different types of socks for my upcoming trip.


  1. Universal Traveller (Miri) Angora and Merino blend wool socks
  2. Wigwam All-Weather American Raised Wool Midweight socks from GL Extra (Kiulap)
  3. Winter Sock (yeah…) Wool Tech from a Chinese online shop (yeah…)
  4. Uniqlo Heattech socks from Singapore (mmm uniqlo ^_^)

I wasn’t sure which type but I heard merino is supposedly good for really cold weather. I’m loving the way the texture feels off Uniqlo’s and it’s got the casual but chic vibe to it, while the rest of them are more into rugged lifestyle. Will see how they feel when I use them!

About two weeks left to the trip and I’m already packing the “essentials”.

Can’t believe I’m writing about socks. They’re really just socks, tbh. Haha