oh the dilemma



I’m still waiting for my ethics form to be approved (shame on me for filling it in late!), so I can’t exactly start on my research. I can, however, email people around to get networks for any help I can get with my MA dissertation. My supervisor is nothing short of amazing, but more help is always good. But I’ve still not done that…maybe tomorrow………………

The boyfriend has decided for the both of us that the trip to Sweden would be good. I’ve always wanted to travel outside the UK with him, and what better way to redeem that want, ey. I just feel a little reserved because it is for a guild meeting…He may feel more social with them as he does raid with them but I do not.

[I play WoW yes. Boyfriend introduced it to me, 3 weeks in when we first dated. I was hooked. Two years and a bit, we’re still playing together! :P]

We both have never met any of the guildies but with loads of good chat on vent and things, they seem like nice people. Another reason I feel reserved is I am Asian. A friend of mine was telling me that one of the villages she visited there was quite racist, and she hopes that I won’t go to those places. /sigh Also, all the guildies are Europeans…I just don’t want to feel the odd one out, and knowing me, I’m super shy and self-conscious :o [I’m also fat and they’re all quite fit. Lol :|]

Not sure what else there is to say.

As a first post [minus the two that I’ve deleted as I deemed them to be inappropriate…], hello and we shall commence again later.

Boring first post. I hope for a more sociological approach in the next post. Hope.



p/s: Happy Gawai to all my family and friends back home!! <3