Sociology of Work

I wish I went deeper to understand this topic when I was in university. It is so useful to understand society and groups and behavior at work, especially if you work a lot with people! If you’re a Sociology student, do read more about the topic and you will understand it more when you’re actually working! You could also use all those research and put them to the test. The benefit to you is that you understand people’s behavior better and that knowledge is just so powerful!

A lot of people asked me what I did in uni and what I’m doing now for a career, and they get confused, “Sociology? What are you doing here?” Here being in an oil and gas or a construction industry. And I always have no proper (or witty!) answer to give them. What they don’t know is that I’ve learnt to understand people’s behavior, effectively, where I could anticipate their reactions towards a situation. It could just be my awesome upbringing by my parents, but I also believe that all those books I’ve read, all those essays I’ve written, have also contributed. I empathize with people I work with more. In that way, we could compromise and work things out together that could benefit both sides whenever there’s a conflict of some sort!

In my final year of my first degree, I wrote an essay on work transforming us into particular embodied beings. This was one of the essays that I enjoyed writing in my final year. Hochschild (1983) said that as the world’s work sectors are becoming more service-based and they place more emphasis on that, there is a requirement for individuals to become an “emotion worker”. What this means is that we are acting to perform a job properly. We hear this a lot that we have to be professional. From Hochschild’s understanding, this would mean acting because we are behaving in a certain way in order to perform our jobs according to what is expected of us.

Isn’t that so interesting? Haha. Being an emotion worker has two ways of doing it, and what I understand from those ways is that we are fighting against what we are expected to do and what our own self is trying to achieve. The individual versus the company we work for/with. I was just watching a TED podcast last night on individual association and group association…or solidarity. God, I wish I was still in university! Things make so much more sense now that I’m working and have aged a bit. Haha

Anyway, my point of posting this evening was to share about my current work experience. But I digressed, and I think I enjoyed writing this way. Hmm.

What I’ve learned about this life so far is that we could only trust ourselves and God. It’s become so confusing and frustrating to balance between trusting yourself and others that, in the end, people are just looking out for themselves because you’re the only person you could hurt when you’ve lied to yourself. And there’d be less guilt in that. And perhaps you’d forgive yourself easier.

How this post took different turns, I don’t know :P may you always be chasing your dreams, my lovelies.



calm down, Em.

When it comes to loving someone that I care about, I give you my all. I’ll give you the love that I feel you deserve. When it comes to the point that I no longer care, I don’t. When it comes to the point where I don’t feel the same anymore, I don’t.
But when it comes to me loving you, giving you my time of day, telling you my secrets, my thoughts…sharing you pieces of my life, I don’t hold back. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Then there you go, I wasted it all on you. You don’t realize. You don’t appreciate. You don’t even acknowledge. I cried for you. I left something good for you. FOR EFFING YOU.
I had it coming. I had my instinct. But I chose to ignore it because I believed in you. In us. You made me believe.
Perhaps I deserve this. For what I’ve done before. I wish you happiness. I hope for you that you will grow up and learn. That love is not something to hold and then keep. It’s to hold and cherish. To appreciate. To grow on.
So much I’d like to say to you but you won’t understand. You never did. Never even tried to. All those words you said are lies. All those promises. And I’m venting this out on a semi-public place because it’s the only way I know how. I don’t wanna text you. I don’t wanna call you. I don’t wanna see you. Because it would all be wasted. At least here, I can remind myself to never believe in you again.
Well done, man. You’ve played me well. I hope the girl won’t ever have to go through what I did when I was with you. I hope you appreciate her. I hope you don’t tell her that you’re not ready once you’ve got her. I hope you don’t play her for a fool.
I don’t feel it anymore. Thank you.