Happy New Year!


Most people don’t like January because of the hole they’ve burnt in their pocket over the holidays. The hangover (from holidays or alcohol) stays through to the first week, and, in the middle of the month, they’re too broke to do much of anything. So, they stay home, and think about the year that’s passed, and what resolutions they can make, like saving money, for instance.

I like January. Yes, it’s a new month, and all. But it’s also my birthday month. Yay. And the fact that it comes and goes so quickly every year is kinda odd to go through. Some people like the month of January because that’s when they feel they can start over again, or improve their current life. People are motivated. They’re keen. And just as quickly as the month comes and goes, their motivation does, too. Well, for most people.

It’s a love-hate relationship with the month of January, I guess.

I know positive changes can be done any time of the year, but I think the fact that January is the first month of the year, the changes are planned to start on that month. Plus, it gives a nice hashtag #1outof12 (I just made that up – I know there is a similar hashtag, but unfortunately, I’m not up to date on that). You know what I mean.

So, anyway, I’ve sought inspiration from a Quora post about a week ago, and I’ve read similar posts before (like a Cyanide and Happiness comic strip). And I thought, why the heck not. One of the things to do is to write a book. I play Sims, and I always tell my Sim to write a book. So, no reason why I can’t write a book, really. Haha. No matter how shitty it may be – at least write one.

I’m also gonna read more books! I’ve bought so many last year that I think I’ve only read 3 or 4 books total.

I have something else to look forward to this month, which I will get to in the next post. That’s right; I’m doing segregated posts now for certain topics. I’ve upped a level in my blogging style. Ha. Ha. Ha.

2015, ladies and gents. 10 (edited: apparently, I can’t count :P) 20 years to go to Brunei’s Vision 2035. You still in?



Attempting to answer – what is the meaning of life

Life is never easy for anyone. You want to leave a mark on the world but you feel so small and insignificant. You don’t realize how big you actually are and how important the things you do. Think of the ripple effect. Think of all the people in your life who are in any way affected by you. You can change lives (you most likely already do). You can have an impact on the world (everyone can). You just have to set your goals and make a plan. And remember that everything you do matters and that even the little things can make a huge difference.

Lee Garibaldi

Chase your dreams, my lovelies.


Si Tu Vois Ma Mère

The credits rolled up on “Midnight in Paris” with this lovely trumpet music. Shazam’ed it and I grabbed my Android to download it. To my delightful surprise, one of my favorite musicians, Ludovico Einaudi, has played it.
Tonight was my second night alone in the apartment as my housemate has gone on vacation. The night before, I watched two great films; first was You’ve Got Mail, and the other, Liberal Arts. I don’t need to say much about the former film, except that it was much better to watch now in my adult life. The latter was surprisingly realistic in a way. I chose the DVD simply because of the title…and that’s because most people have placed my educational background in the “liberal arts”. And wonderfully, the title didn’t disappoint me at all on the screen of my television. I laughed and shed a little tear or two with both films. Really enjoyed my night even though I had a very terrible headache whilst watching them. I slept well and woke up truly fresh. Not even the “lecture” I received with my colleagues from the man could falter my…contentment? Ha!

So, this evening, after doing little house chores and heating up dinner, I decided to finally watch some DVDs that I’ve “borrowed” from my sister’s collection. Still into the vibe of Channing Tatum’s 22JS film I watched few days ago, I picked up “The Vow”. I loved the way the two main characters have chosen their paths…their “certain way of life”. Live in the city and become creatively woven into each other…and still have the characters of kindness to others who are unkind towards them. Beautiful.

After I prepped the mattress in front of the tv and switched the air-con on, I had to choose another DVD to watch before bed. Now, i don’t know why but when I picked up “Midnight in Paris” in my hand, I had a fleeting moment of je ne sais quoi. And that is exactly how it felt like almost throughout the film.

Yes, Paris is the city of romanticism. Woody Allen was just hitting the right spots in my gut. Touching the subject of the illusion of life is always better in the last than the present. I’ve been struggling with this notion for quite sometime now…and to have this set with amazing writers and artists…in Paris(!) was just…what I needed.

And what more with Ludovico Einaudi, my I Giorni muse, had covered that piece I mentioned earlier!

Alas. I share this wonderful feeling only with myself and the online platform. I love Paris. It is true; it is a city of romanticism…in both impractical ideals and attitude, and of exciting and mysterious adventure. I hope to go back one day. And who knows, maybe I’ll just be as a dreamer as Gill Pender…

Maybe not. Probably similar :)

Chase your dreams, lovelies!


The Carousel.

That famous quote in Dark Knight probably says a lot, “It’s not who you are that defines you, it’s what you do.”

Your past achievements are what they are in the present: the past. It’s what you do in the current time that people see you as. They remember for a while what you achieved before, then they forget it and wonder what your next move is. Are you going to become better? Or are you the ‘one hit wonder’, so to speak. It’s not only the self who is not satisfied, it’s people around you as well. No pressure, hey? Talk about self-prophecy, too. Life is a wonderful thing; it goes on and on, and we can’t get off the carousel. We can move on. We can just be ourselves. But life…people in our lives won’t let that happen so easily.

Sometimes, for some of us, we are reminded that our problems are not as bad as they seem. And we acknowledge that. Then we accept others’ problems into our lives because we believe that theirs are greater than ours. One day, we forget ourselves and concentrate on making things better for them. Sometimes, that’s good. Sometimes, that’s bad. How do we know? When do we know how to balance? How do we balance? Between being selfless and selfish?

How do we keep faith in ourselves? You want to believe that you are doing something good. You are doing everything you can…you think you are, anyway. How long should you try to push before you should sit and wait? People come and go. People remember and forget. People move on. Life goes on.

What do you do? Do you get on with the program? There are about 7 billion people in the world. You wonder. You wanna find people who are in common with you. You wanna know how different you are from each other. What do you do? You don’t know.

And when you don’t know what to do, you don’t know how to define yourself. You are just an individual with the rest of the world. What do you do? How do you live? How do you think?

It is one of those days that you wonder about the human life. About the universe. About your family. Your friends. The society you live in. They say this is what separates us from animals. We think. We feel. We express. Yet you still can’t help…what is the purpose of all of this? Our existence? Life. Such a wonderful thing.

We hold onto our faith, our hopes and dreams. We move on. We live. We explore the carousel. Because that’s what being human is.


let’s go~

I’m halfway through my dissertation, which I am very happy about. I have 2-3 chapters left to do – each with 2000 words, give or take. Quite enjoying my topic as I’m finding out things I didn’t know about my country in a deeper and intellectual level. I just hope it’s a good enough dissertation for when it’s time.

AMAGAD, I’ll no longer be a student in about two weeks!

So what can a good honours degree and (hopefully!) a masters degree give me, career-wise? :) I really want to do a PhD, but I don’t feel it is quite the right time yet. Might do some voluntary work and side studies before venturing into 4-5 years of major commitment in Sociology. I mean, I’ve already committed about 4 years of my life to it, so perhaps a break is good before another 4 years :P In essence, I want to do Sociology all my life. I love it. And I like to say that Sociology is defining who I am and what my life is. I’m so happy I chose it as one of my A’level subjects back in sixth form. It’s come a long way…

Anyway! There’s not much time left so gonna get back to work. My neck and my right shoulder are killing me but I be okay!

Chase your dreams! :)