my love’s too big for you, my love


It is one of those things that I’ve learned. People aren’t perfect. People make mistakes. At first, I was oblivious. No. Blind. I looked through the imperfections. I let myself become vulnerable. I know better now. I was angry. Then I looked at myself. I’ve done my share of bad things. So I suppose it’s only fair that something bad has happened to me. And that’s okay. I move on.

I get to know different sorts of people. How low a person can go. How high. My good friend once told me this:

you do realize you have to overcome this first, then you can move on to the problems of the world. if you have not fought this, it will be hard for you to accept what’s out there.

I wanted to believe that it was otherwise. The good people I have beside me have been so patient with me (or maybe not! hehe) and they’re glad that I’ve finally seen it for myself. Irony of that is that the person I’m disappointed with said to me this: “You have to see it to believe it”. And hell, I saw it without him realizing it. So thank you.

Life goes on as it never ends.

Yes, it’s painful. But everything will be okay. I’ll be okay.


The only person you have control over is yourself.


Mixed Emotions

The past three weeks have been…a struggle.

I let go of few struggles. Then came another one. Then another. One can only cope so much…

People have their own struggles in life. It amazes me how people can overcome them…and even more amazed at those who think they can’t.

Woe is me.

I feel relieved, sad, probably heartbroken, scared, tired, lost? I can only find one positive feeling there. But I know this is temporary. Everything’s gonna be okay.

I met someone. Appreciation was mentioned, but I wasn’t recognized. It was not mutual. Then I noticed something. This isn’t a first time incident. The experiences aren’t exactly the same but similar. So I’m taking a stand. Again. I made a stand to one…two…three…and now four. Lesson learnt. I hope.

I made a stand to something that’s quite a big part of my life lately, too. Yes, I was scared and worried of what’s to come after. But I’m embracing this change. And I felt better. I feel better.

I’ve been tired. Of everything. For too long. Without me being able to face it upfront. There’s more to life than all this. So I made a decision. No more.

Just gotta be strong now. Pray. And be true to myself.