My First Solo Trip (Part 2)

Few days before the travel fair, my friend, the travel agent, texted me:


I couldn’t believe I was going towards this thing I was doing for myself. It always felt like it was just at the back of my head. And to have seen it being executed was just…yeah.

When my friend was processing my debit card for the ticket at the fair, I remember looking around at the other keen travelers, and I wondered what their choices of destination would be. Everyone seemed engrossed with their travel agents and the flashing signboards with the prices of tickets to various capital cities. Most of them were families, some were couples, and the odd few, like myself, were solo. All parting with their money for a temporary escape. Well, it’s true for my part, anyway.

Upon purchasing my air tickets, I looked at my budget to accommodate all subsequent spending for this trip. I had to remember that I was doing this on my own so I was adamant that I wouldn’t borrow any money from anyone for it. I’ve never spent this much amount of money at one time. Initially, it was tempting to get a credit card, but now I’m glad I didn’t ’cause it turned out that I didn’t need one!

As you can see, I’ve chosen to go for 10 days (as 21st would be all-day travel). It seems like a long time, but it’s not enough! I would’ve chosen a month if I had my way. Ha. So for the 10 days, I wanted to go to a lot of places. I think I’ve re-done my itinerary at least 5 times to try and include all the places I wanted to visit. I also wanted the trip to be around my birthday; it is after all my birthday trip! :)

I started to subscribe to various travel sites including airbnb, bownty, voyage privy, secret escapes. I’d look at all the great deals, and browse upon many, many pages of wonderful places to stay at. I looked for inspiration as to which towns/cities to visit, what activities to do…I couldn’t wait.

I know it might not seem much to most people. Solo trip to some means going on an unknown path, a totally foreign country, and all that. But this is my version of a solo trip. It would be my first adventure on my own. I even took these tips I found at this site for female solo travelers, which I found was pleasant to read as a beginner! The blogger’s tip on what to pack was especially useful as well!

Asked a couple of people of where I should go when in England, but none that stuck as a sure thing. So while looking at all the options for my accommodation as well my modes of transportation, I listened to Dexter Britain‘s music. Fitting, isn’t it? It is also so inspirational, and makes you want to get up and go do things. So I chose the places that would suit the way DB’s music make me feel;

  • 21st – Arrive at Heathrow, take Heathrow Connect to London Paddington (£10.10), London Paddington to King’s Cross to York (Grand Central ticket £40.40 return)
  • 25th – York to King’s Cross – a night in London at a friend’s in Greenford
  • 26th – London Paddington to Bath Spa (First Great Western ticket £30 return)
  • 27th – Daytrip to Bristol (this was not in the plans, initially)
  • 28th – Bath Spa to London Victoria to Canterbury (National Express £12 return)
  • 29th – Canterbury to London Victoria

Will let you know in the next post of why I chose these places! Also, I will include all the hotels/b&bs (cost, location, etc.) I stayed in during my trip. I had so much fun planning, honestly. I will also be writing about the list I had of the people I wanted to see…and the list I ended up having. Life is never really a sure thing; it’s fascinating :)

Till next time, my lovelies.

Chase your dreams!



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