Si Tu Vois Ma Mère

The credits rolled up on “Midnight in Paris” with this lovely trumpet music. Shazam’ed it and I grabbed my Android to download it. To my delightful surprise, one of my favorite musicians, Ludovico Einaudi, has played it.
Tonight was my second night alone in the apartment as my housemate has gone on vacation. The night before, I watched two great films; first was You’ve Got Mail, and the other, Liberal Arts. I don’t need to say much about the former film, except that it was much better to watch now in my adult life. The latter was surprisingly realistic in a way. I chose the DVD simply because of the title…and that’s because most people have placed my educational background in the “liberal arts”. And wonderfully, the title didn’t disappoint me at all on the screen of my television. I laughed and shed a little tear or two with both films. Really enjoyed my night even though I had a very terrible headache whilst watching them. I slept well and woke up truly fresh. Not even the “lecture” I received with my colleagues from the man could falter my…contentment? Ha!

So, this evening, after doing little house chores and heating up dinner, I decided to finally watch some DVDs that I’ve “borrowed” from my sister’s collection. Still into the vibe of Channing Tatum’s 22JS film I watched few days ago, I picked up “The Vow”. I loved the way the two main characters have chosen their paths…their “certain way of life”. Live in the city and become creatively woven into each other…and still have the characters of kindness to others who are unkind towards them. Beautiful.

After I prepped the mattress in front of the tv and switched the air-con on, I had to choose another DVD to watch before bed. Now, i don’t know why but when I picked up “Midnight in Paris” in my hand, I had a fleeting moment of je ne sais quoi. And that is exactly how it felt like almost throughout the film.

Yes, Paris is the city of romanticism. Woody Allen was just hitting the right spots in my gut. Touching the subject of the illusion of life is always better in the last than the present. I’ve been struggling with this notion for quite sometime now…and to have this set with amazing writers and artists…in Paris(!) was just…what I needed.

And what more with Ludovico Einaudi, my I Giorni muse, had covered that piece I mentioned earlier!

Alas. I share this wonderful feeling only with myself and the online platform. I love Paris. It is true; it is a city of romanticism…in both impractical ideals and attitude, and of exciting and mysterious adventure. I hope to go back one day. And who knows, maybe I’ll just be as a dreamer as Gill Pender…

Maybe not. Probably similar :)

Chase your dreams, lovelies!



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