Ideas: Waiter’s Pad

I read an article that said if you wanna be an idea machine, write 10 ideas per day. The ideas could be about anything; good or bad. It’s a pretty good article – enjoyed reading it. You could check it out by googling James A (don’t remember his last name), and linkedin.

So I decided to try this out today, and, like the article said, I was struggling through to the middle of the list. The “good” ones have already been listed earlier on, so I had to pause longer and think about what other good ideas I might have. What I found most interesting about that article is that it says in times of pressure, good ideas come to us. It’s that survival mode triggered by our most critical moment in our lives. It’s like we didn’t think we could run that fast in normal situations, but when the situation calls for us to really, really run, we run. Run as fast as we could.

And that made me think. I want to be able to make sound decisions in quick-time. I want to have good ideas and/or make my mind run in good oil so when the time comes, I’m ready. So I’m gonna try this 10 ideas per day thing. The article says that if we’re struggling to create 10 ideas, create 20. Struggle at 20, create 30, and so forth. Bad or good. 1 out of 10 will be a good one.

The ideas that we write down should also include a first step for execution. No point in having an idea and not doing anything about it. The first step should be simple and doable. Then it will lead us to the next one. Such an interesting concept. Planning, but not really planning.

Oh, I should also mention that these ideas would be written down in a “waiter’s pad”, as the writer mentioned it. It’s small and easy to carry around. When small, we’d have to write in short, hence, simple. The writer listed other reasons for this, and I couldn’t help but laugh. Really enjoyed reading his article and other works by him.

So I hope that this keeps on! Get the idea juices flowing. Brain always working. Gets me by at work, too.

I also am trying to practice a more positive outlook at work. Life is more than just your office desk, or the people you work with. It is also about how you are contributing into your life. Your work, friends, family do contribute to your life, but what have you done for yourself?

Ha, sounds silly.




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