ignorance is bliss

it’s amazing how one can feel a lot better after choosing to ignore things which trouble his/her heart and mind. it can also be a sad thing whereby realizing the world is indeed a cruel place. that it is not an ideal world at all. also concluding that life goes on…that there are pluses and minuses. that people will indeed come and go.

I should also mention that I am now working. So many things I’d like to thank God for. The world still surprises me with its interesting characters to play with. I just hope I’ll continue to do good and be better!

Hopefully, within the next couple of months, I’ll be more diligent in writing in, more about my life in relation to Sociology ’cause, truthfully, there are a lot of Sociological insights to be recorded and analysed at the moment. But, I’m recovering from my eye infection in one of my eyes due to overused lens. Haha. So I’m gonna go back to fully recovering myself.

Kamsahamida! Yes, I’m learning Korean…and Mandarin, too. Tui!




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