Heart Matters

He says things like,

I think I will make you a promise :)

You are my newest goal (in life)

You deserve more compliments that I could give you in a lifetime

I’ve grown some strong feelings for you

You have made me feel great…

Among others.

Please, dear Lord, help me know the difference between a sweet-talker and a genuine gentleman. I don’t need more boy-drama at this stage of my life.

Sociologically, this might make an interesting case to explore. Haha. Personal Sociological case, of course. What makes people say things they know they don’t mean (or do mean). I will look at this objectively then. And will keep track of progress! Yeah, that makes it all better, honestly…’cause I don’t want this thing to wrap itself around my mind (or my heart…)so much in an emotional way.

What a strange micro-social phenomenon.

Outside of Sociology, though, off the record…I have hopes. Yes…if you know what I mean…



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