big aims.

The past couple of months I’ve been on and off having conversations with one of my great friends about “making it big”. He has visions of making it out on his own and, God willing, visions become awesome achievements. And he has so much faith in me. He believes in me more than I believe in myself because he wants me to chase my dreams, too.

Few nights ago, I had another similar conversation with a man. We’ve started this trail of conversation last year, and it was great to catch up with how he was doing on his side recently. I found myself smiling, intrigued with this man’s wisdom and perseverance into working his dream for himself and his family. That night, I learned that nothing worthwhile ever truly comes easy. Requires patience, determination, belief and effort.

Several hours ago, I had a similar line of conversation with my best friend. “I hope you see that I have big aims”, he said, softly. “And I hope you see that I’m here for you to help you achieve them,” I replied.

Three different people, similar goals. One is just gradually starting, one is working through the ropes, and the other is thinking and talking about it. My support varies, but with the same intention i.e. to keep these people moving towards their aims. It’s one of those things that I have to tell myself, too. I’ve got to make my move, got to be determined, and got to help myself.

And of all these three people, the one that I had hoped to include me in their plans didn’t. Sad, isn’t it? Or maybe I’m over-thinking.

I shall blame this depression on every girl’s excuse i.e. PMS. Don’t wanna dwell on this.

“I don’t need a cheerleader. I need a striker.” – a good quote my friend shared with me. Can’t I be both?


Till then.



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