Dec O Twelve

Hard to believe that it’s coming to the end of the year now. Yes, of course, much has happened. And definitely, lessons learnt are many.

A wise colleague once advised me that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for your career. Never mind about what people are going through – it is your career/life at the end of the day. Do what’s best for you.

I was in a group of 5 individuals including myself. At one point, all four of them were against my perspective on life. Life is unfair, yes. But I believe that there is good in everyone. That everyone matters i.e. all levels – don’t matter about their position in society, at work, for example. No, they said. They are mere instruments. We follow the Big Man, figuratively speaking. So the small people don’t count, I asked. No, they said, we are the instruments. In my mind, so we’re like puppets, like slaves. One of them said, it looks like you won’t fit with us, your perspective is very different. Maybe, I said, all of you need to believe. Hah, I’m a Marxist then.

I was getting to know this individual. Then I heard someone said he was this certain type of person. I backed off. Then I thought I should give him the benefit of a doubt; after all, I can’t judge someone on what others say until I get to know them first. But it bites back. It’s what I get though…for perhaps being naive, being having too much faith in humanity. Yes, I believe that. Is that an Adam Smith or am I forgetting my social theories?

Was out with some friends earlier and we were watching the stars. Someone said there was a shooting star. I made a wish, regardless whether there was a shooting star or not. Hah. Anyway, I made my wish. I couldn’t decide at first. At the end, I just wished for something so simple that it probably wasn’t possible to come true. I can only hope. Amen.

2013 is in a few weeks. Turn on a new leaf. Scary. But yes. Let’s face what’s out there for me. Bring it on.

Be firm, be harsh, be positive.



3 thoughts on “Dec O Twelve

  1. “I believe that there is good in everyone. That everyone matters i.e. all levels – don’t matter about their position in society, at work, for example.”

    True that! Sometimes it really takes a long to see it in some people but it is always there. I guess that’s one of the things that makes humans remarkable creatures. Personally I enjoy having friends with very different perspectives on life, it adds a spectrum of thought processes and variety in conversation.

    Any big plans or resolutions for 2013?

    1. Travel on my own. And I can’t decide whether to work or continue studying. What about you for 2013? What’s that? Coming to Brunei? Yay! Haha :D

      Yeah, people keep telling me I’m too nice, vulnerable or naive when I believe that there’s good in everyone. But I think with everything else that’s going on in the world, I can see why some people think otherwise. At the same time, though, if everyone just calm down and believe and be nice, life would be simpler. Ugh, I’m nagging :(

      1. I would love to visit you in Brunei but I’m sure its not something I can afford in 2013… We shall see :) I think my main goal for 2013 is to become healthy, far too much time sat on my arse in front of a computer.

        You’re not nagging, you’re expressing how you feel on it. Everyone does need to calm down and just be nice, life isn’t a one player game, there are billions of us and we will get the most achievements if we all work together ^_^

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