Another depressing post.

We all have stories that we would either share or keep to ourselves. What’s for sure is that these stories carry experiences. Our experiences make us who we are. All the good and all the bad.
We also hide behind faces that we want others to see. That’s not being fake. It’s about being who we are. All the world’s a stage, some famous person said.
Someone I used to call my friend once said that we blend in. Become one of the crowd, even though we don’t want to be there with them. We blend in not because we have any real purpose to be there. We blend in because there’s someone there we would still want to share our time with. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be.
I still wonder what’s my purpose of being here. It’s sad. I’m sad for my family. I’m sad for my sad friends. I’m sad for myself.
But instead of feeling sorry for myself, I need to figure things out. There is more to life than all this. I just need to start taking things more seriously. I need to make a move. I NEED TO MAKE A MOVE.
This isn’t it for me.


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