Mixed Emotions

The past three weeks have been…a struggle.

I let go of few struggles. Then came another one. Then another. One can only cope so much…

People have their own struggles in life. It amazes me how people can overcome them…and even more amazed at those who think they can’t.

Woe is me.

I feel relieved, sad, probably heartbroken, scared, tired, lost? I can only find one positive feeling there. But I know this is temporary. Everything’s gonna be okay.

I met someone. Appreciation was mentioned, but I wasn’t recognized. It was not mutual. Then I noticed something. This isn’t a first time incident. The experiences aren’t exactly the same but similar. So I’m taking a stand. Again. I made a stand to one…two…three…and now four. Lesson learnt. I hope.

I made a stand to something that’s quite a big part of my life lately, too. Yes, I was scared and worried of what’s to come after. But I’m embracing this change. And I felt better. I feel better.

I’ve been tired. Of everything. For too long. Without me being able to face it upfront. There’s more to life than all this. So I made a decision. No more.

Just gotta be strong now. Pray. And be true to myself.






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