good hair day + positive development

My hair feels softer and looks better than usual – it’s surreal! If only it does that every single day.

A book my boss recommended me to get has finally arrived. I’m surprised that Amazon UK actually kept to their word! Used to take them over a month to send something over to Brunei from Europe…but actually took them 2 weeks this time around (cost me a fortune!)

So anyway, it’s this book:

My job is quite interesting because it involves a lot of Positive Development training. I enjoy it especially as it sorta relates to Sociology. I’ve yet to read this one but I did read the Wellbeing one from my boss.

Thing about positive development and mindset is that it can get a little too much of mumbo jumbo if you know what I mean. Like common sense, so why need a book to tell you how to feel and act? A lot of it has something to do with your attitude towards life. Attitude, as I’ve learnt, is a behaviour that you do in correspondence to your inner self and the outer self i.e. influenced by external factors.

So anyway, I’m not gonna market the book, but what I’m going to do is tell you further why I bought it (besides my boss telling me to..haha). The organisation that produces the book runs surveys. Global surveys. And I’m interested in how they do them especially when they interpret subjective factors. Also, I’d like to know how they’re going to tackle my subjectivity for life when I take the extensive survey (an online key thingy they give upon buying the book). Going to try it perhaps tonight if I feel like it and will let you know the results!

My boss is a believer in positiveness, which I think is great for me. Good boss = good employee = good productivity = good company = good life. Haha.

During a recent one-on-one with my big boss (i.e. the MD of the company), he told me to bring more of my Sociology background into the workplace. I’d so like to…but I’m not sure how. I hate to see my four++ years of formal education in Sociology not used to its fullest potential.

In other news, He is Risen! Happy Easter. We love because He loves us first. And in God’s plan, I trust.


Chase your dreams, me lovelies!


p/s: I’m in love. :)


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