put on a smile and suddenly the world is a brighter place…only for awhile

so much to say, don’t know where to begin.

i’d say everything and anything but there’s only so much one could reveal the contents of the mind…and of the heart.

my life took a different turn i never thought it would last Monday. and today’s Sunday; it’s taken another different turn. Life, please stay on course…I can’t take these different routes in this short time span.

being older now, all decisions have to be made carefully. so much to consider…am I doing the right thing? have I made the right choice? Do I still have the chance to choose again?

and it’s my life that I’m deciding for. it shouldn’t concern anyone that much as it does to me.

gah. what do I do, Lord? what should I do…

I hope you’re all having better days.


Always chase your dreams. Try to…




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