so, what’s up?

My first time wearing the coveralls! Had to wear them for a task…which was fun.


Yes, I know it has been awhile. It’s already the 16th of January; almost a month since I last blogged. Sometimes I wish I could combine all my weekly tweets into a blog entry. Hmm, there’s a thought…but that’s just being lazy…

So, yes. The job fair at Bridex was, indeed, very fruitful. When I say very, I don’t mean I had a lot of offers. The event itself was amazing. I have to praise the relevant authorities and the O&G companies that participated on their effort. But, anyway. I actually got called by ONE (out of maybe 10-12 companies) within 3 days of handing in my CV, which is now where I work. That’s right. I’m working! It is very surreal. My first real job.

Everyday is a new day at work; no day is the same. I have my daily tasks to do, but the things that happen throughout the days are never really the same. It’s great. I love that my heart would leap a beat because I get so worried/scared over something I need to do or face (even though there’s really nothing to be worried/scared about after I get them done).

I wouldn’t go as far as loving my job, but I’m enjoying the experience. The atmosphere is not that different to when I was in Uni, except that my work would really affect someone else, for example, the whole company. In Uni, my work affects me, and only me, most of the time, anyway. This is the real world, now. And I kid you not when I say I am a bit petrified.

But the people I work with get me by. Their attitude and perception enlighten me. And I enjoy their company. Yeah…work is good :)

At the same time, I can’t help but miss being in Uni. I loved being a student. Oh well.

Take care, my lovelies.

Chase your dreams!


p/s: Happy new year :P


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