and so it is…

£75 was the damage when I had the print and bind 4 copies of my dissertation. Staples might have op’ed  me but to be fair, they did everything for me.  Last year for my undergraduate, I was a cheapskate and a newbie to the whole dissertation thing – I printed them myself and place them in a floppy plastic pocket thing. Haha. I did get a 2:1 for it, though, so all’s good. For the MA this year, I have to be more professional!

How the topic of my MA dissertation came to be was a rather random train of thought. Earlier in the year, I had a meeting with my tutor about a proposed topic, which was on ‘New Families’ i.e. friends. The reason for this pick was that I thought I should have a follow-on on my previous dissertation topic, which was titled, ‘Youth transitions to adulthood: which of these influence the transitions more than others?” But I didn’t feel ‘right’ about it. So, I had to do a whole re-think because it was almost close to the deadline for a confirmed research topic.

Then I remembered a conversation I had with an old friend about 3 years ago. When he asked what my topic was going to be for my final undergraduate project and I told him, he was, needless to say, ‘disappointed’. Heh. He felt that there was a pressing need for me to do my research on something that is a recurrent but silent problem in Brunei. So, I had a few minutes of available research on the topic, compared it to the modules I’ve studied or going to study, and presto, the topic of Civic Stratification was picked as my MA dissertation. I was lucky as well as my tutor specialized in the subject, so she became my supervisor, too. This topic, I have to admit, was at first a bit daunting and new to me, but it did feel right. Being new made me more objective in my perspective, and the people who have helped me during this study made me more determined to pursue the research further.

Throughout the duration of this research, I can honestly say that my brain was almost constantly feeling like it was going clockwork, but in a rusty kind of way. Some data cannot be obtained, some data cannot be found (so much error 404!)…And objectivity wasn’t a problem, it’s the discretion.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole process. Gathering data wasn’t as much fun as analyzing the data because you’re writing things down in a way that is credible, and usable in real-life situations. Knowledge is truly power! Haha :)

Anyway, all done now, well, almost. I still have to hand it in on Wednesday. Sigh, I’m gonna miss being a student…again. But University of Kent, especially :) Can’t wait to see what my next step is, though!

Chase your dreams!





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