let’s go~

I’m halfway through my dissertation, which I am very happy about. I have 2-3 chapters left to do – each with 2000 words, give or take. Quite enjoying my topic as I’m finding out things I didn’t know about my country in a deeper and intellectual level. I just hope it’s a good enough dissertation for when it’s time.

AMAGAD, I’ll no longer be a student in about two weeks!

So what can a good honours degree and (hopefully!) a masters degree give me, career-wise? :) I really want to do a PhD, but I don’t feel it is quite the right time yet. Might do some voluntary work and side studies before venturing into 4-5 years of major commitment in Sociology. I mean, I’ve already committed about 4 years of my life to it, so perhaps a break is good before another 4 years :P In essence, I want to do Sociology all my life. I love it. And I like to say that Sociology is defining who I am and what my life is. I’m so happy I chose it as one of my A’level subjects back in sixth form. It’s come a long way…

Anyway! There’s not much time left so gonna get back to work. My neck and my right shoulder are killing me but I be okay!

Chase your dreams! :)




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