What is the policy on talking about previous “people”? I already don’t feel comfortable using the right word; gah, how am I going to tackle this properly…


I want to so much to talk about it with him as I couldn’t sleep very well last night, and it’s still playing around in my mind as I woke up this early morning. But. I do not want to be awkward. I tried to find a way to word my thoughts when there was an opportunity to talk about it but alas, I failed. Now I feel like letting it all out, but I’m sure when the time comes, no words will be able to escape my lips. I’ll just sit there, looking into the distance, thinking hard in silence.


It’s hard when you want to do the right thing. The right thing to you, to him, to them, to both of you. Which is the right right thing to do? All I can conclude myself on is that I will have to talk about it as I’ve let it slide many times…letting it come back and make me even sadder, only to make me leave it as it is because I don’t want to make others sad. It’s an awkward situation. And I hate it.





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